Friday, March 4, 2016

Boosted by macroeconomics, start-up boom, India touches an all-time high on deal street


                        Even as many debate whether Narendra Modi's government is on the right track for boosting growth in the Indian economy, investors—especially private equity and the venture capital ones— have given a huge thumps up to the governance. And the start-ups, including the unicorns, seem to have been the reason behind the steep increase in the deals in India. 

The total number of deals in 2015 touched an all-time high in volume terms. PE and VC concluded 1,049 deals in 2015, mainly due to .the growth of start-ups, according to Grant Thornton's The Fourth Wheel 2016 report. 

The total deals in value terms crossed about $16 billion during 2015 the report added. When it comes to the value of PE investments 2015 witnessed an increase in big ticket deals valued over US$ 500 mn each. This is an evidence of a promising business environment that has the potential to attract big investments. However, the level of PE investments is yet to match the big ticket investment levels in 20 .. 

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