Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sustainable development is our responsibility: PM Modi


         Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said anything which compromises on ability of future generations to meet requirements cannot be called development.
"We in India have always believed in sustainability. For us, the law of nature holds great value. If we all observe it, then many man-made laws will not be required. Only the practice of ?? ???? and ?? ???????? will be enough to help us. In modern terminology, there is a word called stakeholder. A path becomes sustainable, if all stakeholders are benefitted," said Prime Minister Modi while addressing the International Conference on Rule of Law for supporting 2030 Development Agenda.
"However, I must add a word of caution here. The stake should be natural. It should be inherent. It cannot be stretched to include those who may be working with ulterior motives. Nature is pure. Hence, only pure intentions can keep it intact," he added.
Prime Minister Modi expressed confidence that sustainable development can be achieved collectively.
"I am also confident that we can find ways for development which are in harmony with nature. We can find them along the road travelled by our forefathers. I hope the deliberations during this workshop will help in developing a shared understanding of these imperatives," said Prime Minister Modi.
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